We are a non governmental, non-profit making organisation and have been working since 2003 to promote high quality childcare and education for children aged 0-18 and their families as well as support to youth in finding their own place in Serbia. Three major programme lines are focus of Pomoc deci (CYSO): Quality Education for All (inclusive education for all children, improvement in ethnic minorities’ education from preschool to adult level), Youth Mobilisation (community needs, social partnership at local level, primary health, capacity building for local NGOs) and Prevention of Child and Youth Trafficking. 


We started in July 2003, with the assistance of Christian Children’s Fund Inc. In September 2003, Pomoc deci (CYSO)organized a pilot survey in Western Serbia to discover the reasons behind the high number of Roma children dropping out and leaving school before graduation.  More projects followed and, in the first quarter of 2004 with the support of additional international donors, Pomoc deci (CYSO) formed its own governing board and commenced the formal registration procedure.  In April 2004, it was officially registered as an Association of Citizens   “Udruzenje gradjana Pomoc deci” (Children’s Care Fund), a non-profit organisation which operates in Serbia and Montenegro. In February 2010, we harmonised our documents with the newly adopted Law on Associations, and changed our name to Children and Youth Support Organization CYSO (in English) or Pomoc deci (in Serbian).


Pomoc deci (CYSO) is closely associated with the Republic Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Justice and State Governance, the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment Protection. Being a member  of the Working Group for Children Trafficking Prevention of the National Team for Combating Human Trafficking, we have excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, Ministry of Health, National Council for Combating Human Trafficking and, last but not least, many local and international NGOs working in the same field.


Pomoc deci (CYSO) is a member of of the Serbian Network of Organisations for Children (MODS), Roma League (SKRUG), SECO and other local NGO networks.

We are also members of the International Network for Peace-building with Young Children, the World Forum for Children, EUROCHILD and of the Global Initiative for Social and Financial Education- Aflatoun.


Pomoc deci (CYSO) is dedicated to making meaningful, measurable difference in the lives of children, youth and those living and working with them while safeguarding the trust of our donors.  Prudent management and strict financial controls allow us to reach out to more children and families and maintain our commitments of good accountability to our donors.

You are welcome to read more about our programmes, activities, documents and take a look of the photos in our gallery. You can also find out how you can get involved and join us in reaching our goals and objectives because together we can make a difference!