Pomoc deci is looking for 5 motivated and enthusiastic young people from Serbia who would like to become peer trainers for non-discrimination, tolerance and prevention of gender-based violence. 

The selected young people will participate in a two regional training-seminars together with young people from Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo*. The purpose of the first training is to raised awareness of young people about the antidiscrimination, tolerance, gender issues including prevention of gender-based violence. The second training will be for peer education and its purpose is to strengthen their capacities for facilitation and delivering trainings to their peers. After the trainings, the participants have to deliver trainings at the national level in Serbia (the main focus will be on the municipalities Vranje, Surdulica and Bujanovac) and have to actively participate and together with their peers change practices and policies in their communities. 


Participant’s profile:

  • are age 15-29;
  • motivated participants who can and are ready to actively participate in the training-course at all its stages (First training about anti-discrimination, tolerance, gender equality including prevention of peer gender-based violence will take place from 17th to 22nd of September 2023 in Vranje, Serbia; and the second one is about peer violence and will take place in Skopje, North Macedonia by the end of 2023);
  • able to communicate in English (both trainings will be delivered on English language);
  • are interested in learning more about tolerance, respecting diversities, gender equality, how to prevent or stop peer gender-based violence and how to fight gender-based and nationality-based discrimination in the families and society;
  • are interested in learning more about the same topics and themes, how to influence their peers and/or younger generation, to become skilled peer trainers in the stated topics;
  • express willingness to undergo training, learn and practice facilitation skills;
  • want to become trainers of national activities and able to work in team and cooperate; after the above-mentioned trainings, the participants have to deliver national trainings in a training pair, on the same topics, for their peers;
  • are/ want to become active in the field of antidiscrimination, prevention of peer gender-based violence and to actively participate and together with their peers change practices and policies in their   communities;
  • willing to take initiatives and share their experience and ideas;
  • (ideally) have attended at least 1 international/regional activity in the past;
  • want to build/ expand their international peer network;
  • are motivated to bring forward their ideas and develop and implement local initiatives in the future (planned for 2024).


How can you apply? 

The interested candidates should apply by sending an application form (filled out) which is below this call.  Deadline for sending application is 8th of September 2023 at the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The selected participants will be contacted by 11th of September 2023. 

Only selected participants will be contact and will be provided with additional relevant information regarding the activities, up-coming trainings, agendas, tasks etc. 

Since this is a sub-regional project, each partner organization will select, prepare, support and send a number of 5 participants. More information about the project and partner organisations is available below. 

Short explanation about the cascade model of trainings: The initial group of future sub-regional trainers from project partners (Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo*) will be trained through regional trainings. The group of trained trainers will then train as peer trainers’ groups of national trainers in each of the partner countries. So, the regional trainers will first gain the knowledge and skills and then practice them when doing national trainings. Nationally trained trainers will in turn organise trainings at local levels in their own environments to local and grassroots CSOs and will be supported in this by the national trainers. These locally trained activists will do on-filed workshops where they can reach directly young local people, especially girls to empower them and inspire the development of local initiatives. During the whole process, the trainers will be supported through mentoring by the project coordinators in the respective project partner organization. 

The first result of our "GENDERBEST" project is a Guide for (Self)evaluation of personal gender attitudes, stereotypes and (un)conscious gender-based prejudice.

Self-Assessment Tool

Feel free to fill in the self-assessment form on gender equality and gender stereotypes.

If you are a preschool teacher, click here.

If you are a parent, click here.

BEST PRACTICES in practice

Monitoring and Evaluation Tool


Transnational GENDERBEST training of trainers “Learning, teaching and training activities”, Bratislava, Slovakia 18-23. October 2022

Training participants were 5 future and existing trainers from Italy and Slovakia respectively and 10 from Serbia.

The main objective of this training activity was to equip a total of 20 future trainers from the project partner organisations (ECEC professionals or professional development providers in the early years area) with skills and competences to facilitate local sharing the information and horizontal learning among them.


The main objective of info sessions was to inform the ECEC managers and teachers about the developed tools within the GENDERBEST project and to pre-select the interested preschools for piloting of the project results.

Info session Building Gender Equality from the Start - Belgrade, Serbia – November 10, 2022.

Info session GENDERBEST “Building Gender Equality from the Start” - Ponte San Giovani, Italy - February 23, 2023.

Info session GENDERBEST “Building Gender Equality from the Start” – Banjska Bistrica, Slovakia - February 17, 2023.


Final conference Building Gender Equality from the Start – GENDERBEST, Belgrade, Serbia - November 7, 2023.

Final Conference of the Erasmus Plus project "Building gender equality from the start - GENDERBEST" in Belgrade gathered managers and educators of preschool institutions in Serbia, representatives of EU delegation in Serbia, ministries and non-governmental organizations, partner organizations from Italy, Slovakia and Serbia…

Heroes are not born but they become ones through their deeds in life. To become the heroes, even our small but good actions are enough – the size of the good deed is not measured by the one who gives, but the one who needs it. has just given us this opportunity – to have our voice heard further and to enable us to continue helping those who need our assistance most!

Every day, the team works relentlessly to help us help children and young people to learn more in school, in their community and as part of the world. 

They have recognised that our efforts have long-lasting effects from growing a body of educated young people tomorrow, to helping those who will show their talents to the whole world. This is the reason for their connecting civil society organisations and business sector guided by the slogan that the improvement of our environment and of the quality of life of all of us in it is the responsibility of each one of us.

Welcome to the third newsletter of second year of the EEPN project! EEPN uses the newsletter to provide significant updates regarding the project outcomes and activities. You can access the newsletter over the link Bilten [PDF].

We are happy to share with you the first newsletter of the year! EEPN is in its second year and while we have a lot to accomplish, we have been able to complete activities and can provide updates regarding project outcomes. You can access the newsletter over the link here.

In the summer and autumn of 2020, as a part of “GIRLACT – Empowering Girls to be Socially and Financially Strong Actors” project, Pomoc Deci organized trainings for youth in Serbia. In total, 10 trainings were organized in Prijepolje, Kucevo, Vranje, Belgrade and Novi Sad and were attended by more than 220 participants consisting of young people and those that work with youth.

Pomoc deci implements project activities from German development cooperation.

As of February 2020 until May 2021, CSO Pomoć Deci is supporting Roma and other marginalized groups in better and easier access to education. The activities are part of German Development cooperation project   “lnclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia”, implemented by GIZ in Serbia, and supported by consortium GFA Consulting Group GMbH in the lead. Measures are carried out in Vranje, Surdulica, and Subotica, targeting Roma returnees, as well as local Roma, up to 40 years of age, who have not completed their mandatory education.

Najsiromašniji srednjoškolci u Vranju, Bujanovcu, Surdulici i Vladičinom Hanu dobiće stipendije u visini državnih stipendija kao podršku za obrazovanje.  Konkurs je u toku.