Roma Education Society (DER)

CYSO has had excellent cooperation with the Roma Education Society (DER), a local NGO from Surdulica since 2005, when DER was established. Together, we have implemented programmes for the improvement of education of Roma in Surdulica, for strengthening cooperation between the civil society and local authorities and for networking of civil society organisations. Since 2005, CYSO and DER  have been working on early enrollment of Roma children into the educational system, on collecting and processing data, and on building strategic partnerships between NGOs and local and state authorities.  


Educational Center for Roma

The Educational Center for Roma, an NGO from Subotica, has significant experience in implementing programmes for strengthening cooperation between local communities and minorities in Subotica and across Vojvodina. Our cooperation started in 2004, with activities designed to improve education of Roma and to motivate youth in north Serbia. Since 2006, the Educational Center for Roma has been CYSO`s partner in a programme designed to encourage integration of youth representatives of minority groups into communities in Vojvodina.


Youth Forum for Roma Education (OFER)

The Youth Forum for Roma Education, from Bujanovac, is a local Roma NGO, which mostly works on programmes designed to improve education of Roma. Since 2002, OFER has been trying to mobilize minority representatives to take part in local community development. They have also been engaged in educational and humanitarian work with local minority groups and in activities intended to prevent conflicts in south Serbia. Together, OFER and CYSO have been implementing programmes designed for improvement of education of Roma from all age groups in Bujanovac since 2004. However, some of the programmes tackle issues such as: protection of children and youth from trafficking, mobilization of young people and building partnerships between local authorities and minority NGOs.