• Ljiljana Vasic

    Ljiljana Vasić / Director

    One of the founders of the organisation, she has been the Director of CYSO since 2004. Ljiljana is responsible for the strategic development of the organisation and cooperation with partners and institutions. She also manages international programmes and partnerships.

    Ljiljana is the Regional representative for Europe in the International Network for Peace-building with Young Children.

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  • Svetlana Glodić

    Svetlana Glodić / Deputy Director

    Svetlana has been with the organisation since 2006. She has developed the methodology and procedure for registration of the “legally invisible” children and their parents. She manages legal and technical support for acquiring personal documents for non-registered people. Svetlana is also responsible for the development and definition of the internal organisational procedures, practices and policies.

    Svetlana is eager to improve, develop and share experience and knowledge with others, so that our community would become a safe and inspiring place for children and youth development.

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  • Slavica Dmitrović

    Slavica Dmitrović / Financial Director

    Slavica has been with the organisation since 2006. She is managing Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

    Slavica finds work at Pomoć deci important because of the team work spirit, continuous learning, adapting and progressing while enjoying the visibility of the results.

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  • Marija Babić

    Marija Babić / Project Officer

    Marija has been with the organisation since 2010. She assists in programme preparations, implementation and drafting reports. Marija also leads the training for social and financial education for children and youth.

    Marija is an accredited International Master Trainer for the social and financial education for children and youth programme.

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