Let`s Protect and Nurture the Environment with Our Hearts!

The main objective of the project “Let`s Protect and Nurture the Environment with Our Hearts” is to promote environmental education and to raise awareness of its importance within the whole community, since the environment protection awareness is at a rather poor level in Serbia. Urgent actions need to be taken, as the conditions for implementation of trainings and courses about environmental protection are not connected. Actions which are being implemented in Serbia at the moment are mainly individual initiatives for cleaning up one’s surroundings and collecting different types of waste for recycling, which is only one segment of environmental protection. Those initiatives and actions are being carried out in some schools as pilot projects in cooperation with NGOs or state institutions. Very few of them develop into sustainable and continuous ongoing programmes. Therefore, the overall objective of this project is to enhance the development and sense of responsibility in fulfilling the human right to a clean and healthy environment.

The specific objectives, which will be realized through various project activities, are:

a) Close cooperation and networking between NGOs, schools and local community in the project municipality.

b) Raising the level of active participation of all the stakeholders in the project aimed at improving the fundamental environmental rights through the process of protection of natural resources and responsibel collection and separation of waste material – recycling.

c) Education and raising awareness of children about protection and sustainable development of a healthy and clean environment, through their own actions and influence and through being personally engaged in solving concrete environmental issues.

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Serbia.