In the summer and autumn of 2020, as a part of “GIRLACT – Empowering Girls to be Socially and Financially Strong Actors” project, Pomoc Deci organized trainings for youth in Serbia. In total, 10 trainings were organized in Prijepolje, Kucevo, Vranje, Belgrade and Novi Sad and were attended by more than 220 participants consisting of young people and those that work with youth.

Using the GIRLACT materials, participants (and more than 2/3 being girls) were able, over a period of three days, to learn about gender equality, prejudices, stereotypes, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to address uncomfortable topics. The training also included various techniques such as learning, group work, problem analyses, nonverbal communication, as well as SWOT and SMART analyses. In the final part of the training, participants were able to learn how to plan and lead the development of a social and financial project.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, and supported with grants from the Australian Embassy and the Ministry of Education, GIRLACT is coordinated by Pomoc Deci, alongside partner support from EPTO in Belgium, Aflatoun International in the Netherlands and Partnere per Femijet in Albania.