Heroes are not born but they become ones through their deeds in life. To become the heroes, even our small but good actions are enough – the size of the good deed is not measured by the one who gives, but the one who needs it. 

Daibau.rs has just given us this opportunity – to have our voice heard further and to enable us to continue helping those who need our assistance most!

Every day, the Daibau.rs team works relentlessly to help us help children and young people to learn more in school, in their community and as part of the world. 

They have recognised that our efforts have long-lasting effects from growing a body of educated young people tomorrow, to helping those who will show their talents to the whole world. This is the reason for their connecting civil society organisations and business sector guided by the slogan that the improvement of our environment and of the quality of life of all of us in it is the responsibility of each one of us.