Action for Roma Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Empowerment (ACT4ROM) is a two-year project whose goal is to introduce and enhance an innovative model of learning based on exchanges between Programme (Serbia and Slovakia) and Partner Countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania) of the Erasmus Programme, learning mobility and cooperation between youth CSOs and non-formal education providers.

The project is coordinated by International Open Interactive Schools Association (Bosnia & Herzegovina) while Pomoc Deci is a partner alongside Skola Dokoran (Slovakia) and Partnere pre Femijet (Albania).

Project objectives are:

  • O1 – To design relevant innovative and flexible models of learning aimed at acquiring/improving the employability skills of young people, especially Roma.
  • O2 – To raise capacities of youth organizations and provide them with tools necessary for the delivery of a new form of training based on non-formal flexible learning methods, learning mobility, and virtual cooperation.
  • O3 – To launch, test, and implement new practical training schemes based on learning mobility aimed at improving participants´ level of competences and fostering their active participation in society.
  • O4 – To strengthen the influence of youth organizations in advocating for validation and recognition of competences acquired through non-formal learning.

These objectives will be reached combining capacity building, learning mobility, and advocacy actions, stimulating networking and exchange among its main target groups: youth organizations, education providers and local/national policy-makers.

The goals will be achieved by piloting a new toolkit for Peer Trainers on Media literacy and Critical thinking, piloting and upscaling the toolkit for the social and financial education of teenagers, and through sharing the experience in mobilizing and empowering youth to become peer educators, thus strengthening non-formal education in most disadvantaged communities of the project countries.

The action is based on non-formal learning delivered by youth organizations offering young people education content supporting their active engagement, and equal opportunities in both the labour market and society. The most important distinctive feature of this program is the synergy of social and entrepreneurial competencies, applying innovative and active pedagogies, including open and digital learning tools.

Main project activities are:

  • Capacity building & Youth mobilities (Thematic Awareness Raising TAT, Train the Trainer TTT)
  • 12 3-day local trainings
  • Youth exchange (5-day learning mobility) to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania
  • Advocacy Round Table
  • Final conference

For more information on the details of the implementation, you can find at